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updated: 24.05.2004

06.09.2004 Heavy Blinkers
- the night and I are still so young

mike alway, founder of the legendary el records, having
discovered everything but the girl, felt and momus, lord or
english indie P!O!P! pre se, shivers from excitement during a
walk through richmond as he passed us "the night and i are
still so young" on CDR. "every song on it is as good as
caroline, no - no, better. every song is better, bigger, nicer than
carolinem no." And as we hear "the night an I" for the first time,
we are thrilled: the album is pure orchestral P!O!P! perfection with
songwriting in best tradition of randy newman, harry nilsson and
-yes,yes,yes- brian wilson! The songs are embedded in symphonic
arrangements, who could have been from flaming lips or mercury
rev. Encharming, timeliness P!O!P! - the heavy blinkers, the most
exciting canadian export article since ahorn sirup!

19.07.2004 Spearmint - a leopard and other stories
CD digipack

Spearmint, lately crowned by NME to be one of the last
great indie- bands , are known for albums with
complete stories. Topics like London at the weekend,
christmas in a small english town and the chronicles
of a great love have been told song-by-song by shirley
lee, the singer of spearmint.
The current album is now a collection of short stories,
which have been written in the past five years, tracks
for singles, eps and compilations, which have been
recorded knowing they will be part of " a leopard".
"A leopard and other stories" is a typical Spearmint
album, full of P!O!P!, norhtern soul, british humour and
london sopisticism and as always a release of a new
single will define the word "floorstomper" anew.

21.11.2003 Spearmint - left alone among the living
7" single

The album 'My Missing Days' was surely the P!O!P!-
highlight this summer. Now SPEARMINT release 'Left Alone
Among The Living' as the first single. This song is guaranteed to
fill all indie-P!O!P! dancefloors instantly. A hit-single having
more soul than James Brown, with wittier lyrics than anything Jarvis
Cocker (Pulp) has written in his life, a melody as catchy as a song
by The Kinks - and a production that would leave Phil Spector speech-
less. Contains two unreleased tracks from the "My Missing Days"-Session.
Colored vinyl and strictly limited to 800 copies worldwide!

24.10.2003 Qypthone - montuno no 5

What is the Japanese word for party? QYPTHONE. What do
the B52's on speed sound like? QYPTHONE. Mondo,
Beat, Funk, Bossa, D.I.S.C.O., pulsating hi-speed Technopop, ...
way too many different styles and musical quotations to list
up, arranged in the form of seemingly endless variation and r
einvention. Eventually the catchy positive vibes will get
hold of you. Enjoy! - ...for that is what QYPTHONE stands for.
That is what music from Shibuya, Tokyo's eccentric center
and heart of the musical scene, has got to sound like: The Q-sound
incorporates a smooth transition from breathtaking Disco
hits to Uptempo-Bossa with a funky accentuated staccato horn
section and daring choir. Catching choruses and sweet Pop
melodies mediate the taste of the rising sun. QYPTHONE draw
on all different kinds of musical styles to engender a
musical intensity that is yet to be matched.

13.09.2003 Les Garcons
- dabei auf den billigen plätzen


this is hamburg! the home of the most exciting and coolest
bands in germany. you have listened to tomte, kettcar and
die sterne. but now it's time to welcome the latest graduates
of the "hamburg beat-school": les garcons! les garcons are a
four-piece with a strong love for the best of the 60s: beat, soul,
modpunk! just look at them when they cruise through the
streets of hamburg on their vespa-scooters and you will realize
instantly why les garcons attract so many girls to their concerts.
hear them play live and you will understand why so many boys
adore the unique mixture of beatles, beach boys, die
regierung and die antwort. this new album is the perfect sound-
track for having a summer-picnic: feel the warmth of the sun
on your skin, taste the sweet strawberries and listen to hits like
"freundin auf latein" or "tut mir leid" (featuring vocals by
bernd begemann). the world of les garcons is a world of sunshine
and beer. imagine a weekend together with your beloved girl
or boy, nothing to care about, hours of laughter and fun. enjoy
the hottest in mod-P!O!P! this is the sound of hamburg!
Bon jour, les garcons!

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