releases on apricot in 2001

02.11.2001 Panamaformat
- Das hättest Du früher haben können
CD Digipack / LP

(apricd023 / aprivin023 - EFA 27377-2 / -1)

love at first sight - there are these rare and precious
moments when you meet someone and you know
from the first second on that this is the soul you have
been looking for. it might be a shy smile, the way a
cup of juice is held or a movement when a slide is put
back in the hair - your heart fills with warmth instantly
and you know that the both of you belong together. when
we heard panamaformat`s debut-album das hättest du
früher haben können we looked at each, shining with
happiness - and we all knew: this is love at first sight.

26.10.2001 VA - Shotclub Vol 1
(shot003 / shotvin001 - EFA 27278-2/-1)

In October 2001 the apricot sublabel Shibuyahot will intro-
ELEPOP COLLECTION". The project Shibuyahot started
with the idea of three Japan fans to present the rest of
the world the colourful Japanese pop culture and make
it more popular beyond the borders of Japan.
is the beginning of a compilation series targeting a bigger
audience and filling them with enthusiasm for japanese music.
Our sellection of Japanese pop pearls for volume one is
based on electronical sounds called simply "Elepop" by Japanese.
comprises different kinds of music styles -Bossa, Reaggae, Easy
Listening, Jazz, Beat or Minimal Techno, offering the listener a
closer insight in Japanese "Elepop" music.

05.10.2001 Birdie - Triple Echo

(apricd026 / aprivin026 - EFA 27381-2/-1)

'mummy, daddy - it's luscious' is one of sadie's favourite
phrases at the moment. sadie is a cute little girl grow-
ing up on the playgrounds and parks of northern london.
besides spending time with her friends outside sadie
likes listening to her parents playing music. sadie's parents
are indie-P!O!P! legends paul kelly and debsey wykes
who formed the band birdie a few years ago.
the new album triple echo has the same magic as a love poem:
it will put a shy smile on your face and you will start humming
along to the songs. songs of warmth and tenderness; music that
gives you the same feeling as a whole day spend lying in bed.
'its's luscious' sadie would say if you'd ask her to describe triple

07.09.2001 Les Garcons - Von uns zu Dir
CD / LP (apricd021 / aprivin021 -
EFA 27375-2/-1)

bonjour les garçons - four handome and young boys playing
something what could be called dandybeat -this might
be an appropriate description of their unmistakable style
of sexy and roaring guitars, elegant wardrobe, play-
mobil haircuts and down-to-earth poetry. in their lyrics
you'll learn to know what's up and hot in hamburg's
bars, beds and beautiful buildings. pointedly ironic words,
always charming, always cute. that's what one would call
real boyish charm! the musical influences of les garçons cover
everything from george martin's vision of P!O!P!-songs to
the smashing northern-soul music that was shaking the dance-
floors back in '63. an ace musical cocktail with ingredients
of storming and euphoric singalongs in the vein of the kinks
or the zombies, 60s mod-beat-P!OP! and a straightforward
superpunk touch with harp, merseybeat and rickenbacker-twang.

17.08.2001 Spearmint - A different lifetime
CD / DoubleLP

(apricd022 / aprivin022 - EFA 27376-2/-1)

'love is a finite thing', says spearmint singer shirley
lee, 'it will always end'. a different lifetime, the
follow-up to spearmint's debut-album a week away,
deals with the feelings of endings and beginnings.
love can be the most beautiful thing in life and
breaking-up can be devastating; sometimes love hurts
and waving good-bye makes you feel good. the
recordings for a different lifetime featured live strings
and pete hofmann (producer of albums by gene
and black box recorder) took care of the production.
the result combines beauty and hope as well as
grief and despair. an album so diverse and surprising
as life sometimes can be. you'll come to discover:
life is sweet and everything feels new - when there's
someone to look up to. the people you love might
change over the years - but there are songs that
might accompany you forever.

04.05.2001 Space Kelly - Erster Alles
CD / LP (apricd019 / aprivin019 -
EFA 27371-2/-1)

We often look towards Nippon and the Far East with a
mixture of interest, fascination and astonishment.
We wonder about the cultural phenomenons and musical
surprises Japan is offering us. Discovering that this guy
from Berlin takes the youth of Tokyo by storm, has got a
following of hysterical fans behind him and is selling
loads of copies of his German language Japanese debut
album made us curious. When we discovered that
Konishi from Pizzicato Five is among the fans of this
charming P!O!P!-singer as well we knew: We have
to listen! Because it's well known that on the streets of
Shibuya people are aware of what is hip!

30.03.2001 VA/Airpop Terminal 2
DoubleCD / TripleLP

(apricd015 / aprivin015 - EFA 27365-2/-1)

in 1988 creation records released "Doing it for
the kids" - and it changed our lifes forever; every-
thing was in it: beauty, noise, melody.... Each
single song on this compilation was a masterpiece
and we did not put the record back in itís sleeve
for months. well, 1988 is indeed a long time ago
and so we thought that it might be the right time
for a compilation in the vein of classic indiepop
collections: here comes airpop terminal 2! A
meetingplace for the greatest P!O!P!- bands from
around the world.
"On this compilation you'll hear unreleased and hard to find songs by the marvellous spearmint (UK),
the glorious cinnamon (Sweden), the young & splendid superheroes (Denmark) and the more than
charmingcharming (USA) just to name a few. These are songs that will paint twenty-eight different
kinds of smiles on your face" wrote german cult-author Christian Kracht in his liner-notes for airpop
terminal 2. so: fasten your seat-belts and bring your seat in an upright-position - P!O!P! is ready for
take off.

09.02.2001 Rockformation Diskokugel -
La Bola Privada
LP (aprivin018 - EFA 12028-1)

the twelve songs on this album show exactly what
the rockformation diskokugel is all about.
It is a 50-minute-travel through the "kugel-kosmos"
from hate and anger in the boney-m.-influen-
ced opener "ich hasse die disko" (i hate the disko)
and the diabolic "666 synthesizer" to the gentle
pop sounds in "tagebuch" (i read your diary and mar-
ked the mistakes) and "monika" until finally
"schluss mit lustig" (no more fun) guides the listener
out with the knowledge that there is hope for
german pop music.
The cd is released on Blickpunkt Pop!

19.01.2001 Modesty Blaise - I'm Going Out
7" single

(aprivin017 - EFA 27367-7)

The magic of exchanging the warm home with
a hot club, of drinking mojito instead of tea, of
dancing and jumping around instead of walking
the dog - i'm going out captures the beauty of
a night in a bar after a exhausting week of work.
i'm going out is taken from the new album by
modesty blaise called melancholia, jonny collins'
answer to brian wilson's pet sounds and sean
o`hagan's hawai. the two other tracks are exclusive
to this 7''. get this single, hand it out to the dj
in your favourite club on a friday night and dance
to modesty blaise with your friends - the week-
end is about to begin!

19.01.2001 Modesty Blaise - Melancholia
CD / DoLP (apricd016 / apivin016 -
EFA 27366-2/-1)

You probably have to suffer a bit from melancholia
when you are a popstar living in Bristol, a city well
known for its vivid trip hop scene. Jonny Collins,
the face behind the exciting band Modesty Blaise
is a popstar indeed and he is living in Bristol. But the
only thing related to Melancholia you will hear
from him is the title of his new album. Jonny is not
a guy with dark thoughts, He is more into things
like fur-coats, Diana Ross-hair-cuts and football from
the 70s. However, the songs by Modesty Blaise
will remind you of tunes that you have not heard
since the 60s.
Don't be afraid of the dark side of life and listen to
Melancholia and the warmth of music!

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